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In today’s Nottingham POST – my photo gives manufacturing publicity

Paul 'Spike'Reddington shows off his shortlisted picture on his iPad

Paul ‘Spike’Reddington shows off his shortlisted picture on his iPad

In a bolt out of the blue phone call, I discovered that LEEC, one of my photography clients had entered some of my pictures into a national contest run by a manufacturing industry body. At first I thought the lady had said she was from EE and I thought it was about my mobile – but it was in fact EEF!

Turns out that my photo is on display at the House of Commons with the other short listed finalists, and they are inviting me down for the presentation ceremony there next month.

Maybe I will end up shaking hands with David Cameron? Who will have the cheesiest grin? Me I bet.

Wish me luck!

Spike client Handelsbanken gets press coverage in Nottingham POST

Spike Photography client Handelsbanken’s new office is in the news today. The official opening of their West Bridgford branch was celebrated with a drinks and canapes party and I was there to record the event for posterity – and the POST!

Branch manager Ian Davys knows me from way back, we often bump into each other at events for Nottingham’s great and the good, so it was a no-brainer for me when he asked me to take some great photographs of him and the team at his new outpost of the Handelsbanken empire.

Behind Ian and Neil Clarke, Leader of Rushcliffe Council, is part of a mural of photographs I took for their boardroom – and it looks amazing – even though I say so myself 😉

Handelsbanken West Bridgford opens

Branch manager Ian Davys greets Councillor Neil Clarke, leader of Rushcliffe Council, who own The Point, where Handelsbanken’s West Bridgford branch has opened.

Photograph of a 66 Million Year old Lady from Leicester

Is it rude to ask a lady her age?

I photographed a 66,000,011 year old lady the other day in Leicester University. Jane was pictured with Rod and John from Vertigo Creative who made her look her best with some creative lighting and a dynamic pose.

By the way, Jane is a Tyrannosaurus rex, found at Hell Creek, amid the arid badlands of Montana. She is a sub-adult, estimated to be around 11 years oldat the time of her death. Vital statistics, 7′ 6″  tall and 21 feet long – around half the size of a fully grown dinosaur.

Weight 110 stone – but would have become 5 tonnes if she had reached adulthood.

Dinosaurs are typically named after the archiologist who finds them – hence the name ‘Jane’.

Her lower jaw features a full set of razor-sharp teeth, ideal for tearing into flesh. I wonder if she was smiling for me? 🙂

Taking the P155 or what?

There’s a photograph of Nottingham surgeon Damian Bragg (28) who drives a Porsche with a personalised plate SU56EON (space missing) in tonight’s Nottingham Evening Post.

Having had several parking tickets whilst on photography assignments in Nottingham city since the wardens arrived, I have empathy with how Damien Bragg is feeling.

He was on duty during the night and ‘forgot to display’ his permit for which he pays just over £18 a month so was clamped.

It’s not an excuse that his registration looks like ‘surgeon’. He needs to put a space between SU56 and EON to be legal, he has ‘Vanity Plates’ fitted there, they are not road legal. He says: “My car is easily recognisable and I frequently park in this car park”

He said that “lives could have been put at risk” by the clamper’s actions.

Presumably it’s made clear that staff must display the permit like I have to display my parking ticket. One of my tickets was when my ticket had unbeknown to me, blown upside down as I closed the door!

He’s obviously doing well driving a Porsche at 28, so a £35 ‘reminder’ to display his permit in future won’t be too much hardship in my opinion.

Correctly clamped for forgetting permit or unfairly victimised. He’s a urologist. Were they taking the P? What do you think?

Hot Nottingham news photography

Talk about an on-the-spot news photographer See my post above – Hot News Photography in Calveron, Nottingham, tonight on the title bar. I was in the kitchen next door – you can see how close the flames got!

I was photographing next door during a fire at Calverton, Nottingham