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Gangsta Bling? Riki Capone is your gold plate mate

Gina Yashere gold plated microphone

Comedienne Gina Yashere is presented with a gold plated microphone by Riki Capone, who runs 'Goldie Horns' plating in Nottingham. The presentation took place during her set at the newly opened Glee Club, the former Jongleurs, in the city.

Had a really interesting photoshoot with the owner of Nottingham business Goldie Horns, who plate almost anything with precious metals, including gold, platinum, silver and chrome.

Riki Capone (yes, his real name) can take everyday objects such as an iPod or xBox and transform them into the ultimate bling thing that no self respecting gangsta rapper of celebrity could afford to be without.

His most unusual item for plating was a load of chicken wishbones, which are being transformed into a sculpture for the 2012 Olympics by a Nottingham artist.

Riki also popped up this weekend at Nottingham’s newest comedy venue, the Glee Club, where Gina Yashere was performing, to present her with a gold plated microphone.

As you can see, she was delighted!

And before you ask, no he didn’t do his own teeth – in Riki’s words, “they’re solid man”