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What’s App with the iPhone sending out a Gmail Trojan Horse Virus?

Watch out for this 'What's App' fake email trojan virus - delete, don't click!

Watch out for this ‘WhatsApp’ fake email trojan virus – delete, don’t click!

My wife received an email on her iPhone 5, which has iOS Mail set up to work with her Gmail Account from a friend. It appeared to be a message from WhatsApp (it wasn’t) and said ‘You Have New Messages’ and had a clickable ‘>Play’ link.

This then directed to a sales website but more annoyingly ran some kind of program via Mail on the iPhone and accessed all her Gmail contacts and sent itself to them (over 600) with random subject headers – some good, such as ‘ou have a new message’ which is the one my wiife received and some obviously spammy, such as a single word split into two like t his.

As soon as I found out I changed the password on Gmail and it seems to be OK, although Gmail bounced one of MY Gmail emails sent last night due to it coming from an IP Address (ours) associated with Spam!  So I have had to email Gmail explaining.

Very annoyed and wonder how a simple click link can do so much – is the Gmail contact list accessable withour the user’s password?

Also I thought the iPhone ecosystem was pretty closed off to this kind of malware…

Have you had this one yet, or had a similar sneaky spammer have a go at you?

iPhone 4 camera not a great job, Mr Jobs

I waited a while before getting my iPhone 4, I’ve had all of them since the original on the day of release.  Yeah, I know, I’m an Apple fanboy – like a magpie, I love their shiny stuff. They just do it better than other makers of tech kit – when they work as intended…

This time I wanted Apple to sort out the ‘Version One’ teething troubles first. Plus I wanted to ask a few real life users about the reception problems due to the aerial around the body. Although right handed, I use my phone in my left (so I can write,etc) and this apparantly makes the issue more noticable.   Friends said they were having no problems, although I did not they were all using a case, so better get one from Apple whilst they are still giving them out free.

So, I took the plunge and went with one from the 3 shop. Having just unboxed it, charged overnight and synced it, imagine my frustration to discover the autofocus on the front camera doesn’t work. The camera pointing to me does, however. The problem is there for both stills and video. Not very good for a photographer like me!

So, back to the shop for an exchange. I wouldn’t mind so much but it took that long to do all the blooming paperwork when I bought it, I got a parking ticket 😦

UPDATE: After an hour out of my life including travelling time, the shop exchanged my phone for a new one. He’d not seen that problem before, although had one where the screen was totally black. My number ported just before I took it in to the shop, leaving my old iPhone 3 on O2 useless, and my replacement iPhone 4 useless, as even witht the sim in, it has to be synced with iTunes. . .

. . .Back home now, attempting to restore from the iTunes back-up. Frustratingly, the error message says:

“The software on the iPhone is too old to restore from the backup. Set up as a new iPhone and update the software before you can restore” Grrrr.