News & Views from Nottingham Photographer Paul 'Spike' Reddington

Gold Plater Riki pictured in POST

Your Gold Plate Mate as I’ve christened him, Riki Capone made his mark in Nottingham’s Post newspaper (mental note, must stop calling it the Evening Post, as all locals know it) when they ran my photograph of him presenting a microphone to comic Gina Yashere.

Riki’s business plates all kinds of unusual items with precious metals, and for the occasion he coated the mic in gold, which went down well with Gina at Nottingham’s new comedy venue, the Glee Club.

If you look carefully, you can see the rib he was munching, but refused to put down when I went backstage to take the photos!

Gold Plater Riki Capone, of Goldie Horns, presents a gold plated microphone to comic Gina Yashere in Nottingham

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